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Today's Breakfast Show...

Posted By Jason Moss Friday, 2nd March 2012 9:15am

I was on my soapbox yesterday - Schools have been blocked from going onto the Smell & Bogey website for having inappropriate content! I couldn't believe it when I found out! What is happening to this country - Nanny state or what!

Well I did some research, I read up on the 'Schools e-safety policy document' boy that's a long document! The sysyem is set to 'default' filtering out certain words. Bogey could be the offending word? It's up to the teacher to unblock the the website. Most of the teachers I meet are a bad as I am with computers, and I'm still struggling with the remote control!

Today's show is dedicated to all the children at Hillmorton Primary school, I went to read to them yesterday, they were all dressed up as their favourite book characters ...

It's National Doodle Day!
A host of celebrities have been showing off their artistic side for this year's National Doodle Day. Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Michael Parkinson and Rolf Harris are among those who have put pen to paper for today's auction. Their drawings are being sold on ebay to raise money for the national charity Epilepsy Action. - I love doodling! I always doodle in meetings in the board room - normally means I'm bored!

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Mail... Petrol prices are expected to reach an all time high today as unleaded prices accelerate towards the £100 fill-up. Unleaded has already climbed to within a fraction of the record 137p/litre set in May last year. Deisel is at £1.50/litre at Corley Services! Ridiculous!

Rugby Advertiser... Have you spotted high-profile police escorts zooming around the town this week. According to Warwickshire Police the mysterious Jaguars, flanked by police bikes are empty and part of a week-long training exercise. Police have said some larger vehicles may be used today.

Showbiz...Veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck, has been chosen as the UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. We really don't want to win this contest do we! The 75-year-old star will take part in the contest in May.

Businesses hoping to cash in on this summers Olympics are being warned time is running out. The county's Chamber of Commerce is holding a meeting today to advise firms of how they can make the most of our region's part in the spectacle.


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