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Do you fear going to the dentist? There might be some good news!
A new drug is being tested that ‘helps rotten teeth grow back’ A biodegradable sponge will be soaked in a drug, after it’s been left in there for a while, the tooth will start to rebuild itself... Cool! This is something out of Star Trek! I hate my fillings!    

The Techy Bit: Tideglusib stimulates stem cells in the centre of the tooth. These cells then develop into odontoblasts (specialised tooth cells). This boosts the production of dentine, which allows larger defects to be reversed naturally. The drug is also being used as a potential Alzheimer’s treatment. Source: http://metro.co.uk

More good news if you're a sweet tooth in Rugby!

Do you remember we heard that the sweet stall in the Clocktowers shopping centre was closing, after the owners, Chris and Pauline Wilson retired after 15 years. Well good news! Donna and Steve Moon from Newbold have re opened it!

Donna and Steve Moon commented: “We’re so glad we could carry on this great tradition that Chris and Pauline started, we’ve both been visiting the stall since we were children ourselves and we couldn’t bear the thought of the sweet cart disappearing. We hope the people of Rugby will show us the same support as Chris and Pauline received and we look forward to meeting you all."


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