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Job opportunities in Northamptonshire:
Female cleaners are being sought to clean houses for £45 an hour - on condition they do it in the nude. London-based Naturist Cleaners is on the hunt for women to bare all while doing dusting, house hold chores and vacuuming... Surely vacuuming is out of bounds?
Source: www.daventryexpress.co.uk

(Image from The Sun)

Kylie Minogue says she's making a statement by taking her fiance's name when they get married. The singer's preparing to tie the knot with the actor Joshua Sasse, after 18 months together. But she's not ditching Minogue altogether - she says it'll be included somewhere in her new name. Kylie Minogue Sass / Sass Minogue?? Err! You can't change it Kylie - Minogue is your brand! Just look at Cheryl - Cole, Fernandez-Vacinni, Tweedy?

Eating burnt toast 'may increase cancer risk'
Starchy foods should only be cooked until golden yellow to cut the risk of ingesting dangerous acrylamide, experts say. The danger foods include chips, toast, biscuits, crackers, crisps, breakfast cereals (except for porridge), coffee, cooked pizza bases, black olives and cereal-based baby foods. Also on the list are root vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, turnip, swede and parsnips once they have been fried until dark brown or crispy. No! Not black olives please, they're my favourites!



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